2018​:​1 - Replacer Replacer EP

by David Newberry

I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. Give me hopefulness, give me truth. There is a star just above my roof. Give me hopefulness, give me truth. Half awake, this is where I get off. On a Sunday, it might be nearing the top. We crawl out. It’s just what we do. Searching for hopefulness. Searching for truth. Chase after nothing - you’re gonna find what you’re looking for. There is a ceiling. There is a window. There is a floor. We have run from everywhere we’ve ever been. We have given up on everything we ever said we believed in. Everywhere we go, we wished it was new. Searching for hopefulness. Searching for truth. If you can’t find the obvious, go on and look for something more. There is a ceiling. There is a window. There is a floor. I guess you gotta throw a rock or two if you’re ever going to break any glass. Tucked away. Camouflaged behind a thickening wool. Of a garden grown over since you got too tired to pull, There hides a song, searching for a truce. Between you and hopefulness, between you and truth. Get yourself some tools. Go on a build yourself a door. There is a ceiling. There is a window. There is a floor.
It happened slow, I wasn't looking. You took it all into the ditch. I guess you didn't know where you were going, As if you'd stumbled from a bridge. As if it snuck up on you, Sewed you down with one quick stitch. As if they'd laid that body into the ground, and made the switch. Oh. When you are working for the experts, vanity trickles and it drips. And we can watch the slackened pace of your progress, Slowly settle down into your hips. And when you lay beside me, you are full of questions that never leave your lips. Honey please don't hurry, There's no use rushing, it is all a fix. Oh. The rifle lifts from off the table, as if your shoulder came to it. The car just drifts from off the highway, As if you never even forced it to slip. And when the sun is rising and you are sleeping next to me, You add it to your secrets, and it just adds to your mystery. Slow burn. Slow dent. Slow working sedatives. Slow motion. Slow heart. Slow at making art. So so slow to learn. So slow to burn. Slow talker/coal walker. Hard looker with a faster daughter. Low action. Slow hands. Slow bodies with slow demands. Oh.
You are all around me (haunting through these halls). Come in. Come in. Come in. (quit knocking 'round my walls). I wanna backslide with you. You're a chameleon. You could be anything. The Nausea is from the booze, but the fear is from the sobering. You're putting bars up in your windows (I'm putting bars up in my windows too). And while you're paying off your dealer, I'm dropping food into the pens of the lions at the zoo. There is a rabbit inside of my hat (it was a magic trick), what did you think of that? I never should have come back. It was an after thought. It was a heart attack. It just took a little time to figure out. That the voice was coming from inside of my mouth. And in the aftershocks of earthquakes in which feet come through the door: I don't want to be an observer anymore. You're after something (that maybe I can live without). Come in, I want you here (I need you for my doubts). But even tourists can get the blues, and even body parts can make the afternoon news. I want to run! I want to lose! I want the courage that it takes to break the rules! CHORUS I woke up on the side of the road. You are in my dreams. I am in your gold. I hope you like me in your home. Because the locks won't keep the doors closed. No matter what you are, this difference bears your name. No matter what you do, regrets are on their way. You're a deadman once you are free. You are a metaphor for everything. I want what you're offering. (It is meaningless? It is certainty?) CHORUS
Middle of the night. Middle of the year. All I wanted from that city was a souvenir. Write a couple songs. Drink a couple beers. Send a couple postcards home and get out of here. But like a wrecking ball that missed it’s mark. Swung for the ruins and hit the art. Like an undertow, like a shot in the dark. Every fire starts with a little spark. All that’s left is doing right. All that’s gone is still here tonight. Dams are breaking. Water’s coming in. You’re just jamming the cracks up with paraffin. While I’m chipping away. And everyone can see. But someone’s gotta be the author of every history. CHORUS You put the bars up in the window so you would not fall out. Then turned your knuckles white trying to find out what the other side was about. Well don’t get so bold. Don’t go so deep. We reap what we sow, not sow what we reap. Don’t hold your tongue. No don’t shut your mouth. But don’t try and tell the compass which was is facing south. Middle of the night. Middle of the year. All I wanted from that city was a souvenir.


Unreleased tracks from David Newberry's breakout album, 2015's Replacement Things.


released January 19, 2018

Produced by Jesse Gander and David Newberry

David Newberry - Guitars and Vocals
Kenton Loewen - Drums and Percussion
Matthew Campbell - Guitars
Peter Mynett - Bass

with appearances from:

James Lamb - Guitars
Jenny Ritter - Vocals
J.P. Maurice - Vocals
Veda Hille - Piano


all rights reserved



David Newberry Toronto, Ontario

David Newberry sings folk music with rock sensibilities. Or is it the other way around? His increasingly noisy songs provide insights into the complex contemporary social world.

His new record 'No One Will Remember You' Was released March 6th, 2012 on Northern Electric Records.

His first album 'When We Learn The Things We Need To Learn' was released in 2010 & earned critical praise.
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